Want to Clean Custom Blinds the Right Way? Here’s How to Do It

Getting custom window coverings for your home is a very exciting experience. After all, you do not only have some new window treatments you can be proud of, but ones that fit your windows perfectly and enhance your overall décor by twofold.

But as great as an experience the purchase may seem to be, the aftercare and maintenance could make you feel very stressed quite quickly. While you do not want your beautiful draperies and your magnificent new custom blinds to look unkempt, you also do not want to end up damaging them with harsh cleaning regimes. Custom Blinds

To make sure that you can find that ideal balance between both aspects, here are a few cleaning tips that will help you keep your window blinds in optimal shape.


How to Clean Custom Blinds?

While window blinds are considered the most difficult of window treatments to clean due to their structure and slats, all you need to do to clean them is the knowledge of a few basics. Regardless of the size of your custom blinds, you can ensure to have them all cleaned up in an efficient way if you know what you are doing.


The basic supplies that you will need are:


  • A vacuum cleaner with brush attachment. If this is not available, then use a dusting brush.
  • Two cleaning cloths or sponges – preferably make it microfiber.
  • Water – make sure to warm it a little.
  • Cleaning agent – use dishwashing liquid for best results.
  • Two bowls – make them a large set and fill them with warm water.


From here, the rest of the work would be quite easy.


First of all, you will need to clean the window blinds with a vacuum cleaner or long-ended dusting brush. This is quite a straightforward process with a very good logic behind it.

You need to clean the surface off of any dust before it could be introduced to any liquid such as water. Introducing your dusty blinds to any liquid could create a mess and make them look dirtier than they were before.

Use the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner, or use your regular brush without one, and make sure to clean the slats carefully. This is a grueling process but one that is worth doing.

Cleaning with Water

Once you have dusted off the surface area of the blinds, you will need to move forward with cleaning it with water.

Mix your dishwashing liquid in one of the bowls with warm water in them. Slowly soak your washcloth or sponge into it and let it soak the cleaning agent with water.

Once done, start to slowly clean off each slat carefully. Don’t be worried if the water drops on the lower slats – you will get to them in due time. Follow this process until you have covered all slats. Afterwards, dip the cleaning cloth or sponge in the clear water bowl that you haven’t used yet, and wipe off the blinds carefully.

Drying Off

Use the second, dry washcloth or sponge and start to slowly dry off the blinds. This is where you will get to see the rewards of your hard work. Your window treatments will look as new, no matter if they are stock or custom blinds.

Remember, if you have fabric blinds, then you will need be extra careful with the process such using blot drying instead of trying to rub the liquid off.