The Best Breakfasts for a Wake and Bake


We know you’re at a Bud and Breakfast, so please sit back, toke up, and let US do the cooking for you. However, we don’t want to sugar coat the fact that there will be some MAJOR #FOMO going on when you return home after quality strains and top-notch cuisine from our kitchen.


We want to make sure you’re armed and ready with some of the best breakfast ideas out there that your own home will become 420 lodging of its own kind. Here are some of our favorite morning staples.


A Breakfast Sammie


Everybody loves classics, especially after their morning bowl. The combination of fluffy (or fried) eggs, your favorite meat, and gooey cheese enclosed in your bread of choice is absolutely divine. While lots of us may opt for the nearest drive-thru, we challenge our readers to save some dough (and calories) by whipping up customized concoctions at home. Get as kooky as you want with specialty meats and cheeses at a local deli. Tired of your run-of-the-mill bagel or English muffin? Put your waffle iron to creative uses. Here’s some good inspo full of twists for your next 420 rental sammie experience.




Who doesn’t love some good ol’ fashioned flapjacks? You can be as simple as you want with the Bisquick mix or you can liven them up with your favorite fruits, nuts, and toppings. Plus, you can toss some tincture into your mix if you’re looking to find relief in CBD or give yourself an extra buzz. These days, you can even find healthy “just add water” mixes like Birch Benders in a wide variety of options and dietary needs (paleo, protein, six-grain cinnamon—you name it).


French Toast


More complicated than pancakes, but worth the extra “trouble,” French Toast simultaneously takes you back to childhood while making you feel fancy at the same time. Find a think, crispy bread that can handle being dunked in an egg mixture and mix it up with spices, whipped toppings, and even stuffings to your taste. You can even make an almond milk mixture with a splash of orange juice for a yummy vegan twist.




Sometimes, you wish your days were as simple as Saturday morning cartoons and reading comics. For those days, indulge yourself in some timeless breakfast cereal. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet overall, but if you’re going to go for sugary indulgence, make it count at the breakfast table. If you’re on the go and short on time headed into work, you can opt for an everyday, healthy cereal like granola, Cheerios, or shredded wheat (no shame in being Frosted!) to make sure you get something in your stomach to start the day.




Yes, we had to go there and bacon is all the rage. We’re in love with baking bacon in the oven as it gives it the perfectly proportioned crunch and doesn’t result in splatters on your arms and tending. Have FUN with bacon. Top your hash browns with it, put it in pancake or waffle batter or even use it to garnish a bloody mary.


To wake and bake without a killer breakfast is doing yourself a disservice. Get inspired for the most important meal at one of America’s top 420 hotels today!