Important Factors that Goes into Making a Custom Engagement Ring

Having a custom engagement ring made for when one wants to propose is a big decision, one that requires a significant amount of effort from the one having it made. The process that goes into custom engagement rings is quite different from picking out an engagement ring that is already pre-made and on display in the jewelry shop. If you are looking to have a custom engagement ring for when you propose to your partner, chances are that you don’t have any idea about how the process goes and what you should do. Well to help you out, here are some important factors that goes into making a custom engagement ring that you should know.

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  1. Time – Custom engagement rings are not made in an instant. While with pre-made engagement rings, you can already see them on display and all you have to do is choose, with custom engagement rings, there is a design process and then a process to create the ring from the made design. You will be talking a lot with the artist about how you want the engagement ring to look and then with the craftsman if you have any changes that you want made into the ring as it is being made. This entire process takes a significant amount of time.
  2. Budget – Engagement rings cost a significant amount of money so you want to make sure that you have set a budget for it. With pre-made rings, things are much easier since you already see the prices of the rings of display while with custom engagement rings, things such as the design, the materials used, etc. affect how much it is going to cost so there can be no definite answer early on in the process. Setting a budget and discussing it with your jeweler will help to ground you with the design and chosen materials.
  3. Jeweler – Custom engagement rings are pieces of art and what affects a piece of art the most? Obviously the artist. When you are looking to have a custom engagement ring made, you will want to choose a jeweler who is reputable and is well versed with designing and bringing jewelry to life. You will want only the best fingers to work on the very thing that would eventually make its way to the finger of the person you love.
  4. Partner’s taste – It is your partner, and not you, who will be wearing the made custom engagement ring so you will want to make sure that it will fit in with the tastes of your partner. The proposal in itself is already a very big wow factor but you also want to wow your partner with how you had the ring made. Try to investigate the taste and style of your partner and find a way to incorporate it to the design of the engagement ring.
  5. Inspiration – In designing a custom engagement ring, inspiration goes a very long way. You don’t have to begin from square one with the design, find some designs of rings that you think your partner would like and work the design around that.