Important Factors that Go into Retail Packaging Design

Selling a product on the market means having to deal with the competition. In almost any area, you are bound to find another business that is selling similar products to yours. Your goal has to be to make sure that your product will be seen as the better one to the consumers so that they will opt to buy yours over the competition. How do you do that? Well for established companies that have a reputation of quality products, it isn’t that hard, but for products that are fairly new and coming from smaller businesses, standing out can come as a challenge.

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If you want to make your product stand out among the rest, the answer lies in how the product is presented to the consumer when it is being sold and that is through its retail packaging. When consumers are scanning through products, it is the retail packaging that is going to be meeting their eyes so you will want to make sure that the retail packaging is designed in a way that will appeal to consumers to purchase your products. When designing retail packaging for a product, there are important factors to consider, let’s go through them:

  1. The shape of the packaging – How the retail packaging is shaped has an effect on how it pulls consumers towards the product. The shape of your packaging must be fit for the product that goes in and it must be shaped in a way that showcases your product. Common shapes include cylinders, cubes, and even unique three-dimensional polygons.
  2. The color of the packaging – One of the things that says a lot about the product through the retail packaging is the color. You can communicate to the consumers through the color of the packaging. The color will act as a stimulus that can evoke emotion in the consumer and draw them towards the product. You can go for bold and bright colors, or simple neutral tones depending on your branding.
  3. The quality of the packaging – When it comes to the presentation, the quality of the retail packaging will give consumers an idea of the quality of the product inside. Because of this, you will want to create retail packaging that can showcase quality and further bring your product into the light so that consumers will notice it and purchase it.
  4. The material of the packaging – The material that you use for the retail packaging can have varying effects. It can complement the product inside or even enhance emotion of the consumer. These days, more and more businesses are getting into sustainable packaging and that means using materials that are environmentally friendly to help the environment and also to appeal to more consumers.
  5. The protection the packaging provides to the product – Retail packaging isn’t just about making the product look good, it is also about making sure that the product inside stays safe from manufacturing it until it is fully consumed by the consumer. Go for retail packaging that preserves the quality of your products.