Here are holistic brain treatments for brain cancer

If you have been diagnosed with brain cancer, then you are probably scared and calling every single oncologist and neurosurgeon that you can find for brain treatment options. These should be your first steps and it is important to try any of the following holistic brain treatments in conjunction with what is recommended to you by your doctor, neurosurgeon and oncologist. Of course, you have full control of your own therapy and can really make the right decisions when it comes to choosing what will and won’t work for your health. brain treatments

There are many types of treatments that you may need to consider when it comes to dealing with brain cancer. Each type of treatment will depend on the severity of your cancer as well as other factors including the size of the tumor, the location of the tumor, your age and your overall health. You can generally expect to try radiation therapy, chemotherapy or brain surgery as a treatment method. Listed here are several of the many types of holistic brain treatments that you can try for brain cancer:

  1. The Gerson Therapy. This is a whole body approach that focuses on eating organic foods that are plant-based as well as drinking plenty of raw juices along the way. You can also expect to find many types of natural supplements and coffee enemas that go along with this type of therapy.
  2. The Budwig Protocol. This type of nutritional therapy is dedicated to replacing bad fats and oils with a mixture of healthier options that will give your body a chance to rejuvenate and rebuild. This can include removing all unhealthy fats and oils from your diet and replacing them with flaxseed oils, chia seeds, flax seeds, turmeric and more.
  3. The Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy. This is a way to get your pancreatic enzymes restored and healed through a natural diet as a way to use your body’s main defense from cancer. Pending on the type of cancer and tumors that you have will be determinant of the type of therapy that you embark on, whether it is plant-based or animal-based diet.
  4. Vitamin C chelation. This is a type of therapy that is used in order to remove the heavy metals from your body.This will create pro-oxidant effects that may help your body to destroy cancer and tumor cells.
  5. Frankincense Essential Oil Therapy. This is a type of therapy that is used to help fight brain tumors. In fact, it is an oil therapy that works because it actually influences your genes to promote healing and to fight cancer (as well as prevent it from reoccurring.
  6. Probiotics and supplements. Your gut is directly linked to your brain functioning. This means that when you choose to promote your natural healing then you will want to start with your gut. Probiotics can be taken in supplement form as well as through fermented foods.

As you can see, there are many different types of brain treatments that you can find that are holistic and can be done alongside the more traditional ones. You will want to reach out to the experts over at to get more information about neurosurgeons and how they can help you.