For a home that feels clean, regularly clean your window blinds

window blinds

Whether you own or rent a home, keeping you living space clean is one of the most important aspects to feeling at peace and stress free when you are home. Some people have an easy time of keeping a home clean and find that it does not feel like a chore to tidy things up, however other people find it much more difficult to keep things clean. The latter group often finds cleaning to be boring and would prefer to do other tasks as opposed to picking up a broom, cleaning window shades, or vacuuming every room. Sometimes cleaning can also feel overwhelming, especially to those who do not put cleaning tasks into their regular routines. If you are one of these people, it is important to think about the ways that you can add cleaning into your daily life. Some tasks need to be done regularly and others can be done less frequently, but all of them will add up to a clean and relaxing space. Here are a few cleaning tasks to help you get started:

  • Vacuum your floors- Vacuuming your carpet is a great way to get dust and crumbs out of the carpet. It will also help your home smell fresh and clean because microbes are not getting caught in the carpet fiber. In addition, the marks made in a carpet by a vacuum cleaner give the illusion of the entire room being clean. If you also have hardwood or tile floors in your home, you can set your vacuum to a bare floor setting and vacuum over those surfaces as well. This is a great tip for people who do not like to sweep because a vacuum is a faster and easier way to get crumbs and other debris off of a bare floor.
  • Clean your blinds- Have you ever looked at your blinds in direct sunlight and noticed just how dusty they get? A lot of times people overlook cleaning their blinds, but it is actually a very important step in the cleaning process. Getting dust out of a room is not only good for your lungs, but will help make the room look instantly cleaner and tidier. To clean your window blinds, you can use a brush attachment on your vacuum and brush along the length of each blind to remove the dust. You can also use a dry sponge in the same manner if you do not have the appropriate attachment for your vacuum.
  • Clean your windows and mirrors- A quick spray on your windows and mirrors and a wipe down will do wonders to make a space seem cleaner. You can use a paper towel to wipe them down or also a sheet of newspaper for a streak free shine. Clean and shiny windows and mirrors will let in and reflect more light, which can instantly make a room seem brighter, bigger and cleaner. When paired with some beautiful window treatments from Ivan’s Blinds & More, you are sure to have a space that impresses anyone who enters.