Engagement Rings Are Something to Cherish

We never want to lose something as important as our keys or our wallets, but we can kind of rest a bit easier if we have done all the necessary procedures to mitigate any loss attached to these missing items.

When we have something that has much more emotional attachment, the story becomes a lot more complex for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that we have attached more value to it than we have to our dollars, credit cards or gift cards.

That is why, losing something like engagement rings is much more serious. A lot more is riding on this symbolic piece of potential love forever. Engagement rings symbolize a future with our significant other who we will love dearly and for eternity.

As such, these trinkets, whether they be custom engagement rings Baton Rouge has to offer, or prominent and precious diamond engagement rings, they carry a heavier weight of loss within our minds. engagement rings

As such, it is very likely that we go bonkers and freak out if we lose such a precious item. Unfortunately, one couple experienced this loss of engagement rings fairly recently. Thankfully, their story turned out great in the end. In fact, it became a story that they could share with their family for decades to come.


The Costa Rican Engagement Rings Fiasco

The story goes as such. Doug Cotty and Michele Arias went to Costa Rica to celebrate their new engagement and their love for each other. They of course took their engagement rings with them as well on their trip.

The couple went to the beach one day and hung out with the flora, the fauna, the animals and the rest of the people that were present on the beach that day. They had fun, relaxed and had an overall great day while showing off their engagement rings.

Michele thought that she had accounted for her ring when she placed her sunscreen in the morning, and put her ring in Doug’s pocket for safekeeping.

That’s when things turned south.

The couple was entranced by a beautiful throng of turtles that everyone at the beach was in awe with. In their excitement to go check out the marvelous scene, Cory actually went ahead and took off his tank top before diving in to see the turtles. You may have guessed what happened. The custom jewelry that was Michele’s engagement ring got misplaced.

Both Doug and Michele, of course, were oblivious to this current loss, they were distracted by turtles.

The couple realized that the engagement ring was gone after a little while. They dug in to the sand like mad people. Alas, they were not able to find the ring. They flew back to the U.S., still happy that they were going to get married but sad that they would have to spend more money and that they lost a precious family heirloom.

A short time later though, things would look up.

Someone messaged the couple on Facebook and stated that they had found the ring. They found it because of a request, a plea that one of them had posted online.

The message held to be true, and Dough and Michele found the engagement ring in what could be termed as a miraculous recovery.

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