Cremation memorial service ideas

CremationFairmount Funeral Home is proud to serve the cremation and funeral services needs of our community. If you are in need of cremation memorial service ideas, you have come to the right place. Even if your loved one does not wish to be buried, it does not mean that you cannot still have a memorable memorial service. It is also important to remember that cremation does not mean that there cannot be an open casket viewing and visiting hours. However, if the deceased did not wish to have such an event, there are still a number of touching ways to create a memorable service.

Cremation is becoming more mainstream

Funeral services that include cremation are becoming more popular and many families are looking for resources to help them with some memorial service ideas. While there is no reason that a memorial service for someone who is cremated needs to be different from someone who is interred, there are often times when a casket may not be procured or the family may not wish to have a viewing of the body.

Create a photographic celebration

There are many ways to honor the memory of your loved one regardless of the manner in which their body is to be laid to rest. One of the best ways to memorialize your loved one is to create a photo tribute that shows them in all phases of their life. Creating a visible memory of the deceased with photographs is an effective way to allow friends and family to honor the memory of the deceased and celebrate their life.

Personalized urns

Holding on to the ashes of a loved one who has been cremated is one way to keep their memory close to your heart. With a personalized urn, you are able to add a moment of special feeling during the memorial service. Visitors are able to pay their respects just as they would at a burial site. With a personally engraved box to hold the ashes, you will be able to honor your loved one without having to display their remains, an action that can be painful for many family members.

Scattering ceremonies

Some people opt for a cremation because they want to have their remains scattered in a location that is close to their heart. If your loved one wanted their ashes scattered at the beach or on a mountaintop, you can host a second ceremony for the release of the ashes. These events can be a deeply emotional experience as family members and loved ones let go of the physical embodiment of their loved one. A eulogy can be made, or poetry can be read at such an event, with the deceased’s favorite hymn sung by the attendees. These ceremonies are a wonderful way to say goodbye to a loved one in a very personal way.

Is it time for you to begin making your funeral arrangements or those of a loved one? If your final wishes include cremation, the team at Fairmount Funeral Home is here to meet those needs.