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Do you want to grow your church and your ministry? Do you want to win more souls to God and bring them to your church? If yes, here are the things that you should do.

Win souls. The first step to growing the church is to win souls. Win your friends and your family to God by sharing the scriptures and by sharing the things that God changed in your life. Personal experiences and testimonials are more appealing to people. When you win souls, you need to be compassionate. Look into the person’s heart and take it to a personal level. Find out if the person has some troubles with life and offer help. Be a friend, and you will surely be able to win them. You should also kneel for them as well and ask God to help you with this endeavor.

Consolidate people. After winning souls, you need to care for them. This stage is called the consolidation stage. Some people are very easy to win, but it is not that easy to keep them coming to the church. It is not enough to invite them over. You need to make sure that they grow strong in their faith. Growing the church is not only about the number of first-timers in the church. It is about the number of strong believers who will continually go to the church and live by the word of God. When consolidating people, you need to be passion. You need to do it because of your passion for God. You need to be passionate about your ministry and fulfill your responsibilities accordingly. Follow up on the people that you have won to God and always communicate with them. This way, they will feel more comfortable about the church and other believers around them.

Make disciples. Growing the ministry is about making more Disciples of Christ. The people that you have won over should become the new people to win souls. You need to schedule regular meetings with these people. Have small groups and talk about the Bible and the work of God in your lives. Strengthen each other’s faith and beliefs. Discipleship is the bets key to ensuring that your church will grow strong and fast. Imagine having strong Christians in your church who are very willing to share the love of Christ to others. If each one of them on someone, then your church would already be doubled! What more if they win many?

Make every leader a leader of leaders. In discipleship, the goal is to make the disciples leaders who will disciple other believers as well. This is like the snowball effect. You win a soul, and that person will win another one. You consolidate someone, and that person will also consolidate others in the future. You disciple some people, and those people will become leaders too who will disciple others. The growth of your church will be exponential. You will grow thousands and hundreds of thousands in no time if you understand the idea of discipleship.Visit us at Calvary Church of Pacific Palisades for more spiritual growth.