All You Ever Wanted to Know About Tinted Windows.

All you ever wanted to know about tinted windows.

Increasingly popular, tinted windows are among the best selling car accessories. However, the majority of motorists are unaware of the applicable laws as well as the different qualities of existing film and often choose a product that is unsuitable for their needs. While the main concern is legality, there are many things you should know before you have a film stained on the windows of your vehicle done or applied yourself. Thanks to the help of Auto Image 360, you will finally know everything you need to know about it.

Why go for window tinting?

In most cases, tinted windows are appreciated for the appearance they give to the automobile. But did you know that some doctors can prescribe to their patients? It is indeed possible to obtain tinted windows under prescription from a doctor if you are struggling with with skin cancer. The reason is that films with a density greater than 30% block virtually all UVA and UVB rays of the sun. They also protect the occupants of your vehicle against the sun and the extreme heat, thus offering a better comfort. Tinted films are also a significant safety aspect in the event of an accident since they will hold all the glass chips in place, thus avoiding many injuries to the occupants.

The installation of solar filtration films allows optimal solar protection of the passenger compartment of your car and thus the passengers of the car.
You have been conquered by the many advantages that our solar films can bring you but you still hesitate between the thermoformed film and the thermoformable film?

window tinting

To understand the difference, here are some explanations:
When the tinted window film is “thermorformed” it simply means that it has been prepared by us and that you just have to ask it.
The term “thermoformable” meanwhile means that you will have to do the same thermoforming operation by using a hair dryer or by means of a heat gun.
Be aware that this operation can be tricky depending on the glass you want to tint, so we advise our customers to opt for thermoformed tinted films.
Our thermoformable film is a professional high-end tinted film of 50 microns thickness that blocks up to 99% of UV and rejects up to 75% of the heat.
The glass once tinted also becomes a break-in and the same protects you against aggression (anti-car jacking, anti-ice breakage).

Legal or not?

Here is a subject that brings a lot of controversy to motorists and especially to young people who have the word Tuning tattooed on the heart. First of all, be aware that warnings commonly known as 48 hours are now things of the past.

On the windshield, it is obviously forbidden to apply a total film. A tinted strip of 6 inches wide is accepted, but should not be opaque or colored. The front side windows must allow a brightness of 70%. However, the customer favors a film letting 50% of brightness, even if it is technically illegal. I say technically because this density is tolerated by most police forces. When it comes to the rear side windows and the rear window, you are free to do what you want, as long as your vehicle has two exterior mirrors (one on each side). Finally, be aware that colored films or mirrors are completely prohibited. Moreover, traders do not have the right to sell, at least, when it is to apply on a road vehicle.